2017 Global 5G-LTE Policy Brief: Europe

First report in Global series to focus on EU

Horizon Research and Market Analysis is pleased to announce the availability of the first in a series of reports, 2017 Global 5G-LTE Policy Brief. Authored by UK-based Dr. William Webb, the Europe report poses some challenging questions, and offers guidance for technology solutions providers, and policy makers.

1.  Introduction

We are on the verge of the emergence of 5G mobile technology, with Verizon and others claiming they will make initial deployments in 2017. Hence, it is an important time to analyse 5G policies to understand what 5G might look like, how it might emerge and how successful it is likely to be. That this is all happening against a backdrop of international uncertainty with turbulent politics, new leaders such as President Trump and changing structures such as Brexit, makes analysis all the more critical.

5G is part of a steady evolutionary process of enhanced mobile connectivity, building on earlier generations of which 2G, 3G and 4G remain in widespread use. In order to understand 5G it is necessary to understand the context, value chains and regulatory environments associated with current generations. 5G is also the subject of unprecedented amounts of hype and promotion leading some to believe a revolution in wireless communications is underway and this report cuts through the marketing messages to questions where 5G might change current models.

This is the first in a series of reports looking at 5G across the different regions of the world. This report focussed on 5G in Europe, others will consider 5G in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. The aim of the report is to both inform and influence, fostering sensible and realistic dialogue between regulators, technology providers, Governments and others. It will guide those currently involved in all aspects of wireless communications and assist those interested in entering the market to take advantage of the opportunities new generations of technology inevitably offer.